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學術 教職員生 2022/06/14 2022/09/02 無標示地點

聯絡人:朱家萱   聯絡電話:03-5712121#50173



參加辦法:參賽者或5人以內團隊可將現正進行未發表或已完成(2019-2022年內已發表) 之專題作品或學術研究論文,與任一或多個SDGs項目連結,即可作為競賽內容。

Call for Research Posters for Sustainable Development Goals

This Student Research Poster Award provides an opportunity for NYCU students to think how they can use their expertise to achieve the SDGs. As a global citizen, everyone in the world shares the responsibilities for the sustainable development. We hope NYCU students are aware of the global issues and prepared to rise to the challenge in a rapidly changing world.

Who Can Participate: NYCU current students from all disciplines are welcomed. A student or a team of students (5 students maximum, half of the students in the team should be NYCU current students) can participate with at least one NYCU professor, designated as advisor(s).

Description: This Student Research Poster Award requires students to connect their research works or projects with 17 SDGs. On-going research projects, unpublished research works, or research works that have been published elsewhere within 2019-2022 are allowed.

Deadline for Long Abstract and Poster Submission: September 2nd, 2022

Details of the Competition:

The Posters from the First SDGs Student Research Poster Award can be found Here.